Let's Go To a Drive-In Movie!


Who remembers going to drive-in movies when you were a kid? I remember going a few times in my youth with my parents, we went to see “Smokey and the Bandit” on one outing. There was something special about sitting under the stars and watching the big screen from your car. You could be as loud as you wanted, eat snacks that you brought along with you and snuggle under a blanket, too!

Drive-ins are iconic, who can forget the scene in “Grease” when Danny and Sandy are at the drive-in and he get’s rejected by her, singing his sorrows of a no make-out session, with the movie screen in the background. Or “Back To The Future, Part III” when Doc Brown takes Marty to a deserted drive-in in 1955 so he can travel back to the wild west in 1855.