KISS… A Band Like No Other!

KISS is an American rock band that emerged in 1973. The band was well known and easily recognized by their unique face paint and on-stage costumes. Their costumes and performances were elaborate to say the least. The group did not have one single average characteristic. KISS’ elaborate performances were electric! Fire breathing, blood spitting, shooting rockets, levitating drums and smoking guitars were some of the special effects the iconic group employed for our entertainment.

Over the years, the group has gone through some changes in members. The most famous KISS lineup, however is the original one with Stanley, Simmons, Criss and Frehley. KISS was most definitely in the “fantasy business.” Their characters were fascinating and mysterious. Each band member embodied their individual alter egos with precise perfection. In the beginning they set out to be distinguishable from other groups. I would say they hit their mark!