Juice Newton: The Angel Of The Morning And Queen Of Hearts, Then And Now

By Emily Morenz
Juice Newton performing in Toronto on June 29, 1982. (Photo by Mike Slaughter/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

No voice says early-'80s country-pop quite like Juice Newton's. With hits "Angel Of The Morning" and "Queen Of Hearts," she scaled the Billboard Hot 100, even as she went to #1 on the country chart with "The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known)," a song pulled from the very same album. Newton was an important figure of the 1980s, when the lines between country and pop music were beginning to blur, and she did have success playing both genres, although in the final tally she had significantly more country hits. These days, you’re more likely to find her galloping around San Diego on one of her horses rather than up on a stage, but it’s no secret she has lived a significant life of music and prosperity.