John Lennon And Yoko Ono: A Love Story That Creeped His Fans Out

John Lennon, sporting a short haircut, and his wife Yoko Ono among the spectators at the Watergate hearings 6/27. At the witness table was John Dean III. Source: Getty / Bettmann / Contributor

John Lennon, the beloved former Beatle, and Yoko Ono, the enigmatic artist, were the strangest power couple of the '70s. Some believed Ono had broken up the Beatles. Lennon was making art and movies and Ono was making music, and a lot of it was inaccessible or simply unappealing to the public. Sure, they seemed to be in love -- an eerie, all-in sort of love that made a lot of people uncomfortable. Beatles fans were concerned: What's happening to John? What is she doing to him? Do we have to see him naked so much? It was a crazy time, as Ono would later tell The Telegraph:

I was very aware that we were ruining each other’s careers and I was hated and John was hated because of me. We did everything together and we did everything publicly together.

Their all-consuming relationship received as much scrutiny as any and for good reason. The famous love birds didn’t exactly shirk from the spotlight.

From peace-seeking bed-ins to creating eight albums together, this controversial couple made headlines from the moment they left their respective spouses for each other. Their ballad undoubtedly played to its own beat as the world watched in rapt attention. It’s hard to imagine any other newlyweds making waves to such a degree.