Joan Baez: Her Inspiration and Passion

By Rebeka Knott
JANUARY 01: Photo of Joan BAEZ (Photo by Gai Terrell/Redferns)

The legendary Joan Baez was definitely a trailblazer of the, now historical, groovy era!

Baez has always been considered unpretentious, genuine and thought-provoking. This was especially true when her talent was first discovered but it didn’t take long for the world to realize that she was so much more. Baez was a trailblazer and pioneer of sorts; being a woman trying to make her way and have her voice be heard in a man’s world.

To the untrained eye, it would seem that the famous Baez had all the makings of the perfect wife for a husband in the 1960s. She was from a religious (Quaker) background and easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, a woman’s resume didn’t require much to snag a husband during that time. Unbeknownst to the world at the time, nothing could have been any further from being on her short list!