Jimmy Stewart Was A WWII Veteran And His PTSD Affected The Filming Of 'It's A Wonderful Life'

3/24/1941-San Pedro, CA: James Stewart's costume for this next production is from a new costume department--the U.S. Army. Yes, Jimmy's passed his physical and he's in the Army now. The Nations number one draftee had to eat himself into a new role. He was

In World War II, Jimmy Stewart answered the same patriotic call as many men and joined the military. Even though Stewart was a working actor at the time, he felt the call to duty like anyone else and made it his mission to serve America in its time of need. For Stewart it wasn’t just about gaining the accolades and attaboys, he genuinely wanted to serve his country, but that came at a price. By the end of World War II he was suffering from PTSD, something that affected him deeply while filming It’s A Wonderful Life