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Icons | August 10, 2018

Vogue 1976 UNSPECIFIED - DECEMBER 1: Model, Janice Dickinson, reclining in a hammock, wearing a one-piece strapless bathing suit cut high on the leg, carved out on the sides, tying in back, by Tiktiner. Arthur Elgort/Conde Nast via Getty Images.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the term, “supermodel.” Supermodels are defined as highly paid, high fashion models who are known worldwide for commercial modeling. They are easily recognizable by their names and their above-average and sexy, curvaceous figures. Most supermodels have a beautiful face to match their beautiful bodies.

The official distinction of “supermodel” has been around for many years but didn’t become a part of our typical, everyday vocabulary until about the 1980s.

The origin of the term, supermodel, can be traced way back to 1891. It was coined by Henry Stacy Marks, an artist, who gave an interview to a, then, current magazine. He was quoted as saying, "A good many models are addicted to drink, and, after sitting a while, will suddenly go to sleep. Then I have had what I call the 'super' model. You know the sort of man; he goes in for theatrical effect ..."  This statement actually sounds a little creepy.  Fast forward to the groovy era.

In the '60s and '70s the term, supermodel, re-surfaced in pop culture.

Supermodel, Twiggy

The '60s and '70s ushered in an era of new ideas. The first model publicly referred to as a supermodel was Twiggy, in 1968; and that was by The New York Times. Shortly following was a Glamour magazine issue that listed a group of 19 models as supermodels. 

Supermodel, Janice Dickinson, has laid claim to coining the, now popular, term.

Janice Dickinson was a well known and beautiful fashion model in the '70s. She is quite arguably the first, and self-proclaimed, supermodel as defined by the term. The reason being is that during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 1979, she was asked to answer a very pointed question. She was asked, “Janice, who do you think you are, Superman?” Her response… “No, I am a supermodel, honey, and you will refer to me as a supermodel and you will start a supermodel division.” During the same interview, Dickinson claimed to be the first ever supermodel. I don’t think that anyone would dispute the fact that she was a supermodel, but… the first? Many have taken issue with her bold statement.

Supermodels are icons that every woman dreams of being, and every man dreams of being with!

The official distinction of “supermodel” has been around for many years but didn’t become a part of our typical, everyday vocabulary until about the 1980s. That being said, many women who may have been able to claim the status prior to the '80s have spoken out.

Supermodels are typically on the runway, worldwide, sporting the latest fashion of the biggest fashion designers.

Supermodel, Cheryl Tiegs

Janice Dickinson is, without a doubt, a beautiful woman, both then and now. She has been known for, not only her beauty but also for her poise. She successfully represented the fashion industry during the counterculture era as did many others including Cheryl Tiegs, Twiggy, Peggy Moffit and many other iconic models.  

Janice Dickinson, Then and Now!

Whether or not Janice Dickinson is the first person to ever coin the term, supermodel, there is no dispute that she was a supermodel. She was/is beautiful, successful and represented the fashion industry in a huge way. The fact is that she was good at her job and is a beautiful person.

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