How The Rolling Stones’ “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” Was Made In America

By | February 23, 2022

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The song that made The Rolling Stones in America. thisdayinmusic

The Rolling Stones’ “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” made the band overnight stars in America and continued to distinguish the boys from London, long into their golden years. Incredibly it all started with a Keith Richards’ dream after unruly fans cut their performance short in Clearwater, Florida.

In a hotel now owned by Scientologists, Richards awoke from a dream and groggily fired off a guitar riff into a recorder before promptly passing out. Reportedly, the tape concluded with the sounds of his snoring. From planting their flag in America to finishing with a flourish at the Superbowl, this is the story of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.”

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An innocent looking bunch early on. Getty Images

A Rolling Stone Pillar

Obviously, today the Rolling Stones rank highly in the pantheon of rock n roll legends. However, in the summer of ‘65, they were still on their way up. No one puts the legacy and importance of “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” better than frontman Mick Jagger:

"People get very blasé about their big hit. It was the song that really made The Rolling Stones, changed us from just another band into a huge, monster band. You always need one song. We weren't American, and America was a big thing and we always wanted to make it here. It was very impressive the way that song and the popularity of the band became a worldwide thing. It's a signature tune, really, rather than a great, classic painting, 'cause it's only like one thing - a kind of signature that everyone knows.