History-Changing Events That Took Place In The 1960s

Chubby Checker leads Conway Twitty and American Bandstand host Dick Clark through the Twist, September 7, 1960. (Photo from Corbis-Bettmann)

The 1960s brought many changes to America that changed the course of our history.

In 1960, Chubby Checker brought a new dance craze, ‘The Twist.’

A quirky dance move made popular by Chubby Checker called the “The Twist,” had people creating all kinds of jerky movements with their hips. There were the speedy twisters who gyrated their hips at the speed of lightning and then there were the slow twisters that twisted as if they were in slow motion. Besides the normal movement of ‘The Twist,’ there were some that had some crazy hip gyrations that took on a whole new form of the dance. Despite all the different rhythmic movements, they all danced the twist to the same song by the same name “The Twist.”