Groovy Photos That Reveal A Different Side To The '90s

Entertainment | May 2, 2020

Written by Jacob Shelton

After the end of the Cold War the 1990s were a time of dramatic cultural transformations. People were ready for the new millennium even if they weren’t exactly sure how that whole Y2K thing would shake out.

These photos from the ‘90s show that it wasn’t all grunge and flannel, but that there were different aspects to the decade that you can find only if you look closer. The stories that you’ll find with these photos illustrate a time before the internet felt all consuming and when stars like Pamela Anderson were still down to Earth…

Through these rarely seen snapshots of the 1990s we can challenge our perceptions of the last decade of the 20th century. After all what better way to understand where we came from and gain new insights into recent historical events than with photos? Proceed with caution… some photos may be too hot for TV.

Pamela Anderson was discovered when stadium's electronic scoreboard camera focused on her as a spectator watching a BC Lions' Canadian Football League game

source: reddit

Pamela Anderson’s rise from regular Canadian gal to icon of the ‘90s is about as fairy tale as you can get. In 1989 Anderson was discovered at a BC Lions game when the in-stadium producers cut to her on the big screen. She was wearing a cutoff Labatt’s Beer t-shirt. She attracted so much attention that Labatt eventually hired her as a spokesmodel. 

The attention on Anderson inspired her to make one of the boldest decisions of her young life - she moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling. This proved to be a fortuitous decision as she won the role of the original “Tool Time girl” on Home Improvement before moving on to a starring part on Bay Watch in 1992.

Soon enough, Anderson became more popular than her show. Even though she stayed on the Watch for five seasons she was no longer just an actress, she was a force of nature.

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