What Is In Graceland? A Look Into When Elvis Bought Graceland And What It Is Now

By Jacob Shelton
Elvis Presley with Rolls Royce in front of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee (Photo by ullstein bild/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

Today, Elvis Presley's Graceland is the second most visited home in America, with tourists traveling from across the globe to see the place where Elvis hid away from the world. In 1957 this palatial estate was nothing more than a farm house. Elvis turned the plot of land into his own private getaway completely with themed rooms, a stable, and even an extremely well stocked kitchen. Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee is the Mecca for fans of rock ’n roll, but it’s also a fascinating place to visit for people who like to see weird stuff. By the end of Elvis’ life, he’d become a wealthy hermit who used his home to hide away from the world. It’s definitely worth checking out.