Flight Attendant Uniforms & The Groovy Era's Unique Influence

Flight attendant uniforms have drastically changed over the years. maryhop

The uniforms of flight attendants have radically changed since the job’s inception in the 1930s. (Gone is the faux pas of “stewardesses.”) As air travel became an instrumental part of life, the uniforms of “air hostesses” in turn, reflected the zeitgeist of each epoch. Unsurprisingly, the late ‘60s and ‘70s renditions set the eyebrow-raising standard.

The peak of groovy ridiculousness arrived, thanks to Braniff Airlines and their plexiglass Bubble Bonnet. From jaunty hats to outlandish prints and leg-baring shorts, a new decade witnessed an eruption of vivid regalia. Here’s a history of the cabin crews' uniforms and the hippie era’s influence.