Fisher Price's Little People: Armless, Legless Wonder Toys Of The '60s

By | June 3, 2021

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Fisher Price, the company with the logo “Our Work is Child’s Play,” started in 1959, although some would say that they started before that date, as toys from the time period prior had the style and design elements of the human figures that would eventually become the Little People. Sometimes these early figures are called the “Pre-Little People.” The “Original Little People” would be produced until about 1991, when their appearance would change, becoming larger, about twice the width of the original to make them safer for children, in that they couldn’t be easily swallowed. Despite their increased girth, they didn’t really increase in height. These new Little People also have more facial details and features. Many refer to them as the “Chunky” People. The “Chunky” line lasted about five years, when because it was not very popular, it too was redesigned. In 1985, Fisher Price finally trademarked their name, so they were officially the Little People.

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Before they were Little People. Source: (This Old Toy).

Back Before They Were Little People

In 1932, the concept of the Little People began with the #600 Woodsey Cart toys. The Woodsey Cart came in six different versions, although each one was essentially a wooden hay-cart harnessed to a wooden circus figure (an elephant, a bear, a pony, a lion, a dog, or a clown). The cart was “driven” by a wooden figure, which was the figure which seemed to evolve into the Little Figure. This toy was only made for a year. For the next 18 years, Fisher Price did not make any forms that looked like the Little People.