Fashion Mistakes in the 1960s

By | July 17, 2021

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The ‘60s was a time for changes in the fashion world, as the beginning of the decade still held on to the more conservative fashions of the prior decade. Some of the fashion mistakes of the ‘60s were leftover from earlier times, like the use of white gloves for anything other than a night out at the opera. They just look a little silly. Plus, they’re white. And they are on your hands. There is no way they will stay white for very long. As the ‘60s progressed, people started showing more skin, and fashions were shaped by things like the Mod movement. By the end of the decade, individualism had taken hold, and the hippies, who adopted ethnic-inspired fashion, began to influence the mainstream.

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Bell Bottoms

This one is a bit controversial, as some do think that that the bell bottom is figure-flattering. And perhaps, they could help you if you are worried about getting out of wet pants without taking off your shoes, as sailors the War of 1812 knew (and there was a record of them being used for that purpose). Bell bottoms were part of the U.S. Navy uniform until 1998. They became part of the fashion world in the 1920s with Coco Chanel and found their groove with the hippies in the ‘60s before the mainstream embraced them in the 1970s.