Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark And Movie Macabre Hostess, Then And Now

By Jacob Shelton
Source: IMDB

Anyone who was living in Los Angeles in the 1980s remembers the big black hair, gratuitous puns, and the late-night b-movies of Elvira’s Movie Macabre. As one of the all-time great horror hosts, Elvira turned a kitschy character from a campy local program into one of the most iconic roles of the 20th century.

Even if you weren’t in Los Angeles during the heyday of Elvira’s KHJ-TV show you definitely saw her in convenience stores and on commercials every Halloween. She was a whip-smart comedic presence who brought camp culture to the mainstream while zapping teenage brains with b-movies so bad they should be illegal. She’s the one, the only, Elvira.