Charlie's Angels, The Curvy Crime Fighting Trio


Charlie’s Angels was a crime/drama television series that first aired in September 1976. The show featured a bombshell trio of “gumshoe” beauties working for a private detective agency, owned by millionaire, Charlie Townsend, in sunny, Los Angeles, California.

Charles Townsend took them away from all of that to his own private investigation agency, and hired these gorgeous ladies as his operatives… Charlie’s Angels!

The Angels were tasked with fighting crime and brought countless dangerous fugitives to justice; all while sporting flawless make-up, form-fitting clothing as well as high heels; rarely breaking a sweat!

Over the course of the series, many notable celebrities appeared on Charlie’s Angels. Among these appearances were by Ed Begley, Jr., Sonny Bono, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Gary Collins, Jamie Lee Curtis, Gavin MacLeod, and Dean Martin.

The Angels were the total package and viewers rarely cared if the bad guy was thrown in jail or not! Although, the seemingly superficial premise of the show offended some, it certainly didn’t keep people from watching!