Carrie Fisher And The Dirty Name She Used To Describe Herself...

By | February 7, 2018

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Actress, Carrie Fisher, is probably best known for portraying the beautiful space Princess Leia on the epic, science fiction blockbuster, Star Wars. If you remember Fisher, you may, or may not, know her for being an outspoken, straight-talking, strong-willed woman and actress who never made any apologies for her statements and/or her behavior. These characteristics had nothing to do with her public status. That is just who she was.

Fisher was born with show business blood running through her veins. She was the daughter of classic showbiz personalities, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. There is no way she could not be in the public eye. Her parents were well known and loved so it only reasons that she would follow in their footsteps or, at the very least, be of public interest.

While, more recently, Carrie Fisher had been absent from current acting roles, she was never off the grid as far as America was concerned. She recently left this earth on December 27, 2016 but she will long be remembered for her contribution to Star Wars and to American entertainment as well.