Carolyn Jones: Morticia Addams, Elvis Co-Star And Oscar Nominee

Left: Carolyn Jones with Elvis Presley in 'King Creole.' Right: Jones as Morticia Addams in 1965. Sources: IMDB; Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives

Carolyn Jones will forever be known as Morticia Addams, the matriarch of The Addams Family. However, Jones had a long career that lasted for most her young life. Even though she left this mortal coil when she was only in her 50s, Jones appeared in numerous films and television shows that we're still talking about to this day.

Whether she was co-starring with Elvis in King Creole or Frank Sinatra in Hole in the Head, Jones brings a sly smile and charming wit to every appearance on screen. From her early beginnings at the Pasadena Playhouse to her Academy Award nominated role in The Bachelor Party and her final role in the early '80s, Carolyn Jones always managed to be kooky, spooky, and altogether ooky.