Bond Beauties of the 60’s

Videos | November 9, 2017

Written by Rebeka Knott

Bond, James Bond had some of the most beautiful women at his side in the 60’s and 70’s! Ursula Andress has to be the reigning ‘Queen of the Bond Beauties’! Portraying the character Honey Ryder, Andress claimed her place in Bond Beauty history the moment she stepped out of the ocean in 1962’s “Dr. No”.

Honor Blackman appeared as “Pussy Galore” in 1964’s “Goldfinger.” As Goldfinger’s personal aviatrix she is a most deadly vixen with skills as a crack shot and an expert in Judo.

Then in Thunderball (1965) we meet Domino, played by Claudine Auger. In 1971, red-haired beauty Jill St. John portrayed Tiffany Case in “Diamonds Are Forever” and she was the first American Bond girl.

“Live and Let Die” (1973) had classic beauty Jane Seymour as “Solitaire” an innocent Tarot card-reader. In “The Man With the Golden Gun,” Bond has two beauties vying for his attention; Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) and Andrea Anders (Maud Adams). Next, in 1977 “The Spy Who Loved Me” is the stunning Barbara Bach as the icy Russian Major Anya Amasova, otherwise known as Agent Triple XXX. The last Bond beauty in the 70’s was Dr. Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles) in 1979’s “Moonraker”.  

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