Benny Hill, World Famous Comedic Genius!

By Rebeka Knott

British comedian, Benny Hill was quite possibly one of the best known, longest running funny men in recent history; although somewhat underrated. His style was bit quirky, outrageous and wildly inappropriate at times, but he usually got the big laughs!

Hill had a humble beginning as a milkman, but soon landed a few gigs at social clubs, night clubs and eventually theaters. From there he made appearances on British radio shows. Hill’s given name was Alfred Hill, but he adopted the stage name of “Benny” Hill in honor of his own personal favorite comedian, Jack Benny.

Hill liked to be by himself. He would say that he was alone, but not lonely. He never married, although he had been in love, at least enough to propose to three different women, who sadly all turned him down.

Benny Hill dabbled here and there with acting appearances in plenty of notable films including Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang in the 1960’s.

Not everyone one enjoyed his brand of comedy but, to this day, when I hear, “Yakety Sax,” I immediately think of Benny Hill and smile.