Andre The Giant: Fierce In The Ring But Mr. Nice Guy In Real Life

Source: IMDB

Though his English was not good or intelligible, Andre the Giant, the pro wrestler, became a beloved entertainer for an American and global fan base. He was fierce in the ring, standing over 7 feet tall and weighing over 500 pounds, there was little doubt that he could cause pain and humiliation against men who seemed to be half his size. But Andre Rene Roussimoff projected a good-natured personality when not playing the vicious heel grappler -- it's a cliche, but he did seem to be a gentle giant. Andre the Giant was generous with the money he'd made from wrestling and acting; Andre the Giant liked to party, perhaps a little too much; and Andre the Giant had a posse (like the poster says) -- this charismatic beast of a man was well liked, and mourned by the wrestling community when he died at the age of 46.