A High School Kid Designed The American Flag And Got A B-minus On It

By Kellar Ellsworth
Robert Heft, the man who designed the longest running version of America's flag. (blog.scoutingmagazine.org)

Do you dig the American flag? Thank Robert Heft. Through the years the American flag saw multiple variations as our great country added states to the Union. When President Eisenhower took office in ‘53, his administration prepared to add two of the more beautiful states to the country, Alaska and Hawaii. When the American people got wind of a new pattern for their beloved star and stripes, many sent their own ideas. In fact, over 3,000 submissions made their way to the White House in many forms.

They ranged from crayon doodles to hand sewn replicas. But few followed the regulation set by an 1818 law requiring 13 horizontal stripes to represent the original colonies and a white star on the blue field to represent each state. For a school project, one young boy created a fine pattern but his teacher didn’t think much of his attempt.

Nonetheless, he persevered.