Advertising Catchphrases from the Groovy Era

By | October 26, 2018

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Bounty paper towels were and are the “quicker picker-upper.”

Since companies have been manufacturing and selling products to consumers, the race has been on to be the biggest and the best… or at least appear to be. Advertising has always come at buyers in many forms over the years including giant billboards, door to door pitches, newspaper and magazine ads, catalogs and word of mouth. Years ago, companies thought nothing of sending out mass mailings of their massive product catalogs to anyone with an address that accepted mail.  Just about everybody had a Sears or J.C. Penney catalog in the hall closet.  Sometimes it was used for shopping and sometimes it was used as a booster seat for a small child at the kitchen table.

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Early television shop selling color sets. Early television shop selling color sets in the USA, 1960's. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images

When television became popular and were being found in just about every home in America, it made perfect sense to advertise consumer products over the airwaves. After all, advertisers already had a captive audience sitting in front of the television set watching their program… why not slip a little advertising in there? At the time, I don’t even think there was any hard and fast rule about flat out lying about a product in an advertisement.