The Most Perfect Costumes For Your Next 70s Party!

By | May 10, 2018

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Deciding on your perfect 70s costume

No doubt, the 1970s were a decade filled with some wild and crazy fashions. Costumes from the 70s run the gamut from tit-dye and bell bottoms to the sequins and shine of the Disco era to the glamour of “Charlie’s Angels.” You’ll be ready to get down and boogie at your next far-out and groovy 70s-themed party whether you dress like a hippie chick or a disco stud. You can choose to dress like your favorite 1970s personality or just emulate the typical stylings of the decade when you are deciding on your perfect 70s costume for that upcoming Halloween party or costume party.

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Sonny & Cher's look of the '70s

The quintessential '70s couple costume, dressing like the hit husband-wife music duo, Sonny and Cher is simple. To look like Cher, you just need to don a wig of long, black wig, perhaps with a thin headband across the forehead. Next you need any sort of midriff-bearing halter top, the skimpier the better, and a pair of skin-tight, hip-hugger bell bottoms with platform shoes. For Sonny, a bushy mustache is key to pulling off the look. A pair of round, tinted, wire-framed sunglasses is also needed. For clothing, you can opt for a pair of vertical striped, bell bottom pants with a squared hem, patterned, button-down shirt with a wide collar. You should wear the shirt unbuttoned as far down as you want. Of course, a fringe suede vest will pull the whole costume together.