The Most Perfect Costumes For Your Next 70s Party!

Fads | May 10, 2018

Deciding on your perfect 70s costume

No doubt, the 1970s were a decade filled with some wild and crazy fashions. Costumes from the 70s run the gamut from tit-dye and bell bottoms to the sequins and shine of the Disco era to the glamour of “Charlie’s Angels.” You’ll be ready to get down and boogie at your next far-out and groovy 70s-themed party whether you dress like a hippie chick or a disco stud. You can choose to dress like your favorite 1970s personality or just emulate the typical stylings of the decade when you are deciding on your perfect 70s costume for that upcoming Halloween party or costume party.

Sonny & Cher's look of the '70s

The quintessential '70s couple costume, dressing like the hit husband-wife music duo, Sonny and Cher is simple. To look like Cher, you just need to don a wig of long, black wig, perhaps with a thin headband across the forehead. Next you need any sort of midriff-bearing halter top, the skimpier the better, and a pair of skin-tight, hip-hugger bell bottoms with platform shoes. For Sonny, a bushy mustache is key to pulling off the look. A pair of round, tinted, wire-framed sunglasses is also needed. For clothing, you can opt for a pair of vertical striped, bell bottom pants with a squared hem, patterned, button-down shirt with a wide collar. You should wear the shirt unbuttoned as far down as you want. Of course, a fringe suede vest will pull the whole costume together.

Wear bell bottom blue jeans Farrah style

The late “Charlie’s Angels” actress was an icon of the 1970s. The pin-up poster of Fawcett wearing a red, one-piece swimsuit ranks among the most memorable images of the decade. Fawcett's big, thick, feathered blonde hair was part of what made her star shine bright. If your hair is not up to Fawcett Faberge shampoo commercial status, you will need a wavy blonde wig with the trend-setting feathered bangs, to pull off your look. You could, if you so desired, wear a similar red swimsuit for your 1970s costume, or wear another one of the typical late-1970s outfits the actress was famous for wearing, such as white running shorts and a bright red polo shirt, or a pair of bell bottom blue jeans and a white halter top. If you want to go a bit extra with your costume, you could add a pair of clunky roller skates.

Can I just repurpose stuff I already have to be 70s attire?

You can look DY-NO-MITE in your Halloween costume when you dress as seventies comedian Jimmy Walker from the hit TV sitcom, “Good Times” for your 70s-themed party. This look is easy to pull off. All you need is a red turtle neck, a pair of wide leg blue jeans, and a denim bucket hat. You can wear the bucket hat straight down, or flip it up in the front. Either way, you’ll be ready for some good times!

The '70s disco fever

You will look like royalty in a Donna Summer costume. The 1970s Queen of Disco was known for wearing sequined evening gowns, usually with a seductively plunging neckline. During the Disco days, she could also be seen with white feather boa accessories and a typical 1970s oversized afro hair style. All of these costume components are easy to come by. You can really pull off the '70s disco fever by adding a pair of platform shoes and a large, medallion necklace. It wouldn’t hurt to carry a Grammy Award with you at your '70s-themed party, just to remind everyone who the Queen of Disco is when you strut on the dance floor.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono in white outfits

Another 1970s power couple, dressing up like John Lennon and Yoko Ono is a terrific and trippy idea for a couple’s costume. Both people should wear all white. For Yoko, a white mod dress and white, patent leather go-go boots should be worn. You will also need a long, black wig and a wide-brimmed, white floppy hat. The final accessory item is a pair of large, round, dark sunglasses. To look like the 1970s version of John Lennon, opt for loose-fitting white cotton pants and a white cotton button-down shirt, worn untucked. You can go barefoot or wear a pair of woven flip flops. If your hair is short, you may want to find a brown, shaggy wig. Add a goatee too. To pull the whole look together, you definitely need a pair of small, round, tinted glasses.

Talk about a 1970s fantasy! It is fairly easy to dress like Ricardo Mantalban’s iconic “Fantasy Island” character, Mr. Roarke, and you can be assured that this character is so ingrained in 1970s pop culture that everyone will know who you are. You need to wear a white, three-piece suit with a simple black tie. Add an Hawaiian lei around your neck and speak with a mysterious accent all night long.

Speaking of iconic characters from the 1970s, it doesn’t get any more recognizable than Princess Leia, portrayed by the late Carrie Fisher, in the 1977 film, “Star Wars” which launched the most successful movie franchise of all time. You only need a long, flowing, white robe with a high neck and long sleeves. If you wear your hair – or a wig – in twin buns on either side of your head, there will be no doubt who you are emulating. You can even add a light saber as an accessory to your costume…they are easy to find in the toy aisle.

Dead Head style

You can get your psychedelic funk on by dressing like a Deadhead, one of the groupies of the Grateful Dead. Tie-dye is the name of the game. A classic, retro tie-dye t-shirt and a pair of hip-hugger bell bottoms and some sandals are all you need to look like you just got off the Grateful Dead tour bus. If you want to enhance your look, add a head band, peace sign medallion, and a fringed vest. If you are a guy, add a scruffy beard and long hair. If you are a girl, a wig of long, straight hair will work. You can even braid it if you want to look groovy in your hippie costumes.

Woody Allen’s film “Annie Hall” was a notable representation of the 1970s. You can capture this look by dressing like the memorable title character, played by Diane Keaton. Annie Hall became a fashion inspiration during the decade, partially because her look was so different from the over-glamorized, over-sexualized look that dominated the latter half of the decade. To mimic Keaton’s Annie Hall look for your 1970s-themed party, you will need a long-sleeved button down blouse with a wide collar. Wear this buttoned up with a men’s necktie and a suit vest. Pleated, wide trousers and a fedora complete the look. Don’t worry if your patterns don’t match…Annie Hall didn’t.

I want to win the prize for most 70s inspired costume!

You could dress like the 70s band KISS, either individually or with three of your best friends. KISS is remembered more for their outlandish make-up and polyester jumpers than they were for their music. To pull of this look, you will need black, punk wigs and lots of make-up. The make-up should be black and white theatrical make-up, not your average mascara and lipstick. It is not too difficult to copy the geometric patterns of the band’s iconic make-up. Once the make-up is done, you just need to don white and black jumpsuits with wide legs and wide collars. Add a pair of platform boots, and you are ready to rock’n roll all night.

Should I go disco or hippie?

The wide-collared polyester Disco suit and platform shoes John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever created a look that is iconic of the 1970s. Your perfect 70s costume can recreate this style so you can be jive talking your way to the Disco ball. Bell bottom pants with a matching suit coat, or a leisure suit, are all you need to bring out your inner Travolta. Under your suit coat, you should wear a silky button down shirt with a huge collar. Of course, unbutton the shirt a few buttons to show your sexy 70s side. Add a pair of platform shoes and you will be ready to strike that iconic pose when the DJ plays “Stayin’ Alive.”

The 1970s  was a decade with a distinct fashion style. There are many costume ideas ideas you can choose from such as a far-out hippie, a flashy disco queen or any movie or TV characters of the era. 

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