62 Vintage Photos In History

Uncategorized | October 12, 2018

Hugo Gernsback wearing his “teleyeglasses” or television glasses, that included a tiny screen for each eye and displayed 3D images, in 1963. 

Source: Reddit

You probably don't appreciate Hugo Gernsbeck as much as you should. As the editor and publisher of Amazing Stories, Gernsbeck shaped the emerging genre of science fiction, even giving it the name "science fiction." (Actually, he preferred another term, "scientifiction," which fortunately did not catch on.) The Hugo Award, one of science fiction's highest honors, is named for him. He was also an inventor, dreaming up such useful items as a battery-powered portable mirror and a waxing strip for hair removal. But today, his "teleyeglasses" seem most relevant, don't they? Virtual reality goggles before we had the computing power to create virtual reality.

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