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Uncategorized | October 25, 2018

People waiting in line to eat at McDonald's for the first time in Moscow, 1980.

Source: Reddit

Back in the days before the Iron Curtain came down, you had to wait in line for everything in Russia - including a Big Mac and fries. Though the 1980 arrival of McDonald's in the Soviet Union didn't change everything overnight, it was a shape of things to come. A mass of people lined up outside the American fast food chain and paid the equivalent of several days’ wages for Big Macs, shakes, and french fries. Apparently, they wanted to eat like how the Yankee Pig-Dog Oppressors ate. It was estimated that 30,000 people waited for their chance to enter the world of Ronald McDonald. The Moscow establishment was the largest McDonald's in the world and could seat up to 900 people. What a country!

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