55 Vintage Photos That Show A Different Side To The Past


Carol Wayne Made a Career Out of Being the @*!$ of Johnny Carson's Jokes 

Who could forget these memorable faces from the past? From actors and singers to sports stars and celebrities, the decade of the past were filled with unforgettable personalities, amazing talent, and pretty faces. This selection of photos from the sixties and seventies will remind you of your favorite celebrities of the time.

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Breathy blonde Carol Wayne appeared in more than 100 skits on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson as the Matinee Lady in the regular skit, Art Fern’s Tea Time movie sketches. Wayne appeared as a ditzy blonde and the butt of many of Carson’s jokes and innuendos. Wayne was a regular on The Tonight Show between 1967 and 1984, but she also appeared in game shows such as The Hollywood Squares and Celebrity Sweepstakes. When The Tonight Show went from 90 minutes to 60 minutes in length, many of the longest running skits were cut, leaving Wayne without a job.