WKRP In Cincinnati: When Radio Was On TV

Source: (Reelgood.com).

WKRP in Cincinnati was a delightful combination of music, sight gags, funny situations, and quirky characters. It humanized these odd-balls working in a radio station, helped to get new bands noticed, and kept us entertained all at the same time.

Hugh Wilson created WKRP in Cincinnati based on his experiences working in advertising sales at WQXI, a top 40 radio station. He once told The Cincinnati Enquirer that he used the call sign to stand for C-R-A-P, and he based many of the characters and some of the stories on things that happened while he worked there. The premise of the show was that Andy Travis, the station’s new program director (Gary Sandy), is trying to remake the radio station and bolster ratings by changing the format from easy listening to rock and roll. Travis acts as the straight man presiding over the eccentric staff. Travis was based on Mikel Herrington, a DJ and innovative radio programmer.