Why The Karate Kid Movie Just Never Gets Old

Entertainment | November 29, 2016

It's been almost 33 years since The Karate Kid hit the box office (yes it has really been that long). With an Oscar and a Golden Globe nomination it's no wonder why this movie remains a classic to this day. 

This movie tells the tale of an underdog. An underdog is someone that people can always relate to because at one point or another we all were underdogs whether it be during childhood or adulthood. In the movie teenager Daniel Larusso finds himself being bullied after moving to a new school on the other side of the country. Like many other teens Daniel tries to stand up against his bullies but finds his opponents to be karate students leading to him being well, beat up. Lucky for Daniel his apartment building’s maintenance man, Mr. Miyagi, is around and takes down, through the use of karate, Daniel’s attackers. And so begins his journey to master the art of karate and once-and-for-all put an end to the bullying.

This film can stand the test of time because we all have had those moments when life knocks you down like Daniel had. Now Daniel had to move to a new state and new school and start all over again just to encounter bullies. You may not have had to move across the country but I am sure you had to start anew at some point in your life whether it be a new position, a new career, or a new college. Most times it’s a little rough in the beginning but with time things get better and you as a person get better. Just like Daniel with hard work and perseverance goals will be accomplished and you will come out a better person for it. 

The Karate Kid also taught us that “first learn stand, then learn fly”. From the beginning of Daniel’s karate journey he wanted one thing, to learn how to do the crane kick. Mr. Miyagi knew that Daniel was not ready for this type of move and if he tried it from the get go he would surely fail. Baby steps were taken and Daniel learned more advanced moves as time went on building his strength, balance, skill and ultimately confidence allowing Daniel to perform the crane kick with ease. We relate to this because many times we try and rush things before its their time. Time is money and if we can speed up the process in any way that’s what we will do. We can take from this film that learning the fundamentals is always necessary and the rewards will come if you put in the hard work.

A few other things we took from The Karate Kid is to if possible find a mentor and learn from them. Mentors don’t only apply to karate it can be in any field, you’d be surprised how much you can learn from a person rather than a book. When Daniel asked Mr. Miyagi what kind of belt he had he replied with a canvas belt from JcPenney proving that even though Mr. Miyagi was a master he didn’t care about titles because they shouldn't matter; something that many people focus on too much. In the end Daniel came on top and proved that underdogs can win!

You can see why this movie never gets old, it is full of lovable characters and life lessons that can be applied to people of all ages. 

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