Where Are They Now? The Original 'Lost In Space' Cast

Marta Kristen and Mark Goddard of 'Lost In Space.' Source: IMDB

For fans of the original "Danger Will Robinson!" show, Lost In Space, the stranded Robinson family is headed by Guy Williams and June Lockhart, and includes Marta Kristen, Bill Mumy, and Angela Cartwright (Mark Goddard and Jonathan Harris are around too). A new Lost In Space, -- the show's fourth iteration -- debuted last year on Netflix, with an outstanding cast and special effects that gave young Millennials a taste of what the Baby Boomers hold dear. Sure, a few things have changed. Apparently, the robot has some sex appeal now. But the nuts and bolts are mostly the same. The Robinson family is still “Lost In Space” and forced to fend off strange aliens and shocking betrayal. Nevertheless, the original Lost In Space, which aired from 1965-68, holds a charm and nostalgia that even new fangled sexy robots could never match. So if you’ve ever wondered where the original crew of the Jupiter 2 ended up, read on!