Was Roger Moore The Best James Bond? The Case For Sean Connery's Older, Cornier Successor

Actor Roger Moore on the set of "Octopussy". (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Corbis via Getty Images)

Is Roger Moore "your" James Bond? Or is Sean Connery the quintessential 007? What about Dalton, Brosnan, Craig? (Wait... Lazenby?) There are few things in pop culture that are divisive as querying a group of people on the best Bond. There are legions of viewers who would fall on their swords for Sean Connery because as the first James Bond he formed the viewer's vision of this iconic character, but does that make him the best?

On the other hand, Roger Moore played the character longer and many of the films in his 12 year run are legitimate classics. The Spy Who Loved Me, Live And Let Die, and The Man With The Golden Gun not only have some of the most memorable sequences of the entire franchise, but they've become ingrained in the public consciousness as what a Bond movie is - over the top action infused with a knowing wink, cool gadgets, and an incredibly debonair actor in the lead role.

Like Connery, Moore's Bond embodies an era, and if you came to the character a little before or a little after he held the role it's likely that you just don't get why he really is the best Bond.