Vintage Photos You Were Never Meant To See

By Sarah Norman | October 22, 2023

Kurt Russell as 'Snake Plissken' in "Escape From New York" (1981)

Step back in time with us and explore the fascinating world of vintage photographs. These hidden gems hold within them a wealth of untold stories and forgotten secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. From unexpected twists and turns, to cleverly hidden surprises, each photo has something new and exciting to offer.

As we journey through the gallery, we are transported to a time of mystery, intrigue, and wonder. We are reminded of the hidden depths of our past and the exciting possibilities that await us in the future. These vintage photos will leave you feeling nostalgic and awed, while also challenging you to think beyond what you see on the surface.

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Kurt Russell as 'Snake Plissken' in the 1981 cult classic Escape From New York is an iconic role that will forever remain timeless. With his signature eye patch and leather jacket, Snake Plissken was a character that embodied ruggedness, toughness, and resilience - all of which made him the perfect hero for this post-apocalyptic world. His no-nonsense attitude and quick wit were also integral to making this movie one of the most beloved action films of its time. To this day, fans still remember Kurt Russell's performance fondly, and it remains a testament to his acting prowess and sheer charisma.

Phyllis Diller performing at the Bob Hope show for the U.S. troops at Can Ranh in 1967. 

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Phyllis Diller was a trailblazer in the comedy world, and she made history when she performed at Bob Hope's show for U.S. troops stationed at Can Ranh in 1967. She brought her unique brand of humor to the stage, with her signature wild hair and outrageous wardrobe that included outlandish hats and colorful dresses. During her performance, she kept the soldiers laughing with her witty one-liners about marriage and motherhood. Her presence was an inspiration to many women who were just beginning to break into the male-dominated comedy industry. It was a momentous occasion that will never be forgotten by those lucky enough to have seen it!