60 Photos of Lynda Carter Like You've Never Seen Her Before

By Sarah Norman | May 23, 2023

Carter and Anderson on the set of their short-lived detective show, Partners in Crime

Bursting onto television screens in 1975, Lynda Carter is best known today for her work on Wonder Woman, a television adaptation of DC's first female superhero comic book series. She quickly became a favorite with fans who enjoyed her earnest portrayal of the iconic character, putting her own twist on Wonder Woman's evolution through her work on the series. When the show ended in 1979, Carter moved on to make a name for herself in music, film and television, becoming famous for her elaborately produced, star studded musical variety shows.

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In 1984, Carter returned to television with her first lead role in a series since Wonder Woman. Costarring Loni Anderson, Partners in Crime was an early iteration of the female-led detective show genre which is now so common. It follows the adventures of two women who become amateur detectives when they get dragged into investigating the murder of their mutual ex-husband. Cancelled after only 13 episodes, Partners in Crime aired in the fall of 1984 on NBC. Although it was cancelled somewhat prematurely, critics praised both Carter's and Anderson's performances, with fans in America and the UK responding positively. 

Pumping Iron in 'The New Original Wonder Woman', 1975

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The second season of Wonder Woman was a time of change for the Amazonian warrior princess. The show switched networks from ABC to CBS, bringing Diana Prince into the modern era, and giving us a fresh take on the classic character. Gone were the red, blue, and gold tights, replaced with a sleek white outfit that showed off Diana's warrior spirit (well, just for a little bit at least). The move to Paradise Island was a welcome change too, giving audiences a chance to see the softer side of Diana, as she navigated her new home and the challenges that came with it. It was a bold move, but one that paid off, as the show's fans embraced the new direction, making the second season a must-watch for any fan of the legendary superhero.