Vintage Photos Expose The Unexpected

By Sarah Norman | September 6, 2023

Every Which Way But Loose (1978) -- Clint Eastwood and his "sweet" pet orangutan, Clyde

Vintage photos have a special power to captivate us, reminding us of a time when things were simpler and life moved at a different pace. This captivating gallery is a nostalgic journey through history, featuring rare and stunning photographs that transport us back to the most magical decades of the past. Each photo tells its own story, capturing moments in time that evoke feelings of nostalgia and longing for a simpler era.

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Famous for playing disgruntled detectives, quite cowboys, and moody old men, it might surprise you that Clint Eastwood's biggest box office draw (in which he appears but doesn't direct) is the buddy film Every Which Way But Loose.

In 1978, it was a huge risk for Eastwood to star in a comedy. He was known for his serious roles in westerns and dramas, and not necessarily for his comedy acumen, but when he was given the script with the hopes that he would pass it on to his buddy Burt Reynolds he jumped at the chance to co-star in a film with an orangutan.

It's not clear why Eastwood wanted to get into hijinks with a primate, but the gamble paid off handsomely for the actor and it managed to humanize him after a series of films that made him feel like a distant loner.

Paul McCartney 1976

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After the Beatles called it quits in 1970, Paul McCartney retreated to his farm in Scotland with his young family. At the time, he and his wife Linda had only been married for less than a year and here he was depressed and drinking while brooding about the lack of possibilities in his life following the breakup of his band.

Linda was raising their young child, Mary, while helping Paul get his confidence back as he slowly started working on new music. He ended up recording what became "McCartney" in secrecy on a Studer four-track tape recorder at his house in St. John's Wood.

The biggest song on the album is "Maybe I'm Amazed," an ode to Linda, the woman who helped him get back on his feet.