Vintage Movie Scenes That Should Have Been Paused At This Exact Moment 

By Sarah Norman | May 2, 2023

Nadia and Jim's Attempt in 'American Pie'

Are you ready for the ultimate list of the most paused movie scenes of all time? Get ready to hit pause on your own movie nights, because we've scoured the internet and compiled a list of the most iconic, jaw-dropping, and just plain bizarre movie moments that have viewers hitting pause to catch every detail. From heart-pounding action sequences to mind-blowing plot twists, these are the movie scenes that have left audiences pausing and rewinding for decades.

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American Pie is a coming of age film that still hits hard for people who were teens in the 2000s. This raunchy film about four teenage boys has plenty of moments that tiptoe up to the line, but the scene that crosses it and keeps going features Jim (Jason Biggs) attempting to seduce foreign exchange student Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) while their entire school watches through the very new (at least then) technology of the web cam. This scene has it all, Elizabeth's bod, Biggs' bod, and Blink 182 hanging out with a weird little monkey while Jim races to the finish line.

The Steamy Pool Kiss in 'Wild Things'

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Wild Things, the sultry ‘90s classic, has enraptured audiences for years, but let's be honest, it's the steamy scene featuring Neve Campbell and Denise Richards that left viewers breathless. As the two actresses lock lips in a swimming pool, the scene becomes a masterclass in eroticism, a tantalizing moment that had viewers reaching for the pause button again and again. It's a testament to the film's unapologetic sensuality that this moment remains one of the most talked-about in cinematic history. While speaking about the scene with The Guardian, Richards said:

It was terrifying. It was the first time I had filmed anything like that, so I was obviously extremely nervous. There are a couple of scenes that are very risque. There’s a lot of choreography of figuring out who’s going where, so it’s not as sexy as people think.