Vintage Movie Scenes That Should Have Been Paused At This Exact Moment 

By Sarah Norman | June 22, 2023

The Interrogation Scene That Shocked The World in 'Basic Instinct'

Are you ready for the ultimate list of the most paused movie scenes of all time? Get ready to hit pause on your own movie nights, because we've scoured the internet and compiled a list of the most iconic, jaw-dropping, and just plain bizarre movie moments that have viewers hitting pause to catch every detail. From heart-pounding action sequences to mind-blowing plot twists, these are the movie scenes that have left audiences pausing and rewinding for decades.

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In a cinematic tour-de-force, Sharon Stone's portrayal of Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct captivated audiences worldwide. As a novelist suspected of a gruesome murder, Tramell's allure was only matched by her enigmatic nature. But it was in the film's notorious interrogation scene where Stone delivered one of the most daring performances in movie history.

In a move that shocked and thrilled audiences, Stone boldly crossed and uncrossed her legs, revealing a side of herself that had never been seen before. Catherine's sexuality became a central theme of the film, and Stone's unflinching approach to the role solidified her place as a Hollywood trailblazer. In a performance that pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in cinema, Stone proved that she was an actress unafraid of taking risks and leaving an indelible mark on film history.

The MPAA Hated 'The Moon is Blue'

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The 1950’s was a time of strict cultural conformity and frowned upon controversy and movies pushing the limits of social acceptability. For this reason, the 1953 movie The Moon is Blue was a controversial one. It follows a young unmarried woman who goes to the apartment of two older playboy men. They are disappointed when their efforts to win her over fail as she much prefers to discuss the hot button cultural issues around sexuality of the day. The discussion of these topics on film made it a controversial release.