Vintage Movie Scenes That Should Have Been Paused At This Exact Moment 

By Sarah Norman | June 7, 2023

Are you ready for the ultimate list of the most paused movie scenes of all time? Get ready to hit pause on your own movie nights, because we've scoured the internet and compiled a list of the most iconic, jaw-dropping, and just plain bizarre movie moments that have viewers hitting pause to catch every detail. From heart-pounding action sequences to mind-blowing plot twists, these are the movie scenes that have left audiences pausing and rewinding for decades.

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The often paused scene at the end of the 1960 film Psycho has become one of the most iconic and memorable moments in cinematic history. In the scene, the character of Norman Bates, played by Anthony Perkins, is revealed to be the killer who has been terrorizing the film's protagonists. As the truth is uncovered, a skull is superimposed over Norman's face, symbolizing the death of his true identity and the emergence of his psychopathic alter ego. The scene is both frightening and thought-provoking, as it suggests that anyone can be capable of darkness and that appearances can be deceiving. The film, which was released during the early 1960s, was a pioneering work in the horror genre, and it proved that Alfred Hitchcock was the master of the genre.

'Beyond the Valley of the Dolls' Brought Exploitation Cinema To The Mainstream

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It is common for films viewed as controversial on release to be later appreciated and thereafter developed into cult classics among small but passionate fans. The 1970 film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls stands out as an example of this. The film follows an all-female band, one of whom is an heir to a large fortune, and their navigating the music industry amongst some less-then-upstanding characters they meet. The film was partially written by famed film critic Roger Ebert, and was controversial for its explicit violence and sexual content.