Vesna Vulovic: The Flight Attendant Who Fell 6 Miles And Lived

Vesna Vulovic. Source: Pinterest

Vesna Vulovic, a flight attendant for JAT Yugoslav Airlines in 1972, set a Guinness world record when she fell some 33,000 feet and lived. Vulovic's odds-defying plunge, which happened following an explosion of the DC-9 she was flying in, is one of the most remarkable accident-survival stories of all time, and made her a national hero in Yugoslavia. Vulovic, who died in 2016, suffered many broken bones in the crash, and was in a coma for days afterward. Therein lies a curious detail -- though she recovered physically, she was left with total amnesia about the incident, remembering nothing about the time between boarding the flight and waking up in a hospital bed. Her recollection of the details of the explosion and six-mile fall were lost.

That is, if there even was a six-mile fall.