We All Wish Our Parents Bought Us These Valuable Vintage Toys When We Were Younger!

By | April 5, 2018

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For years and years kids have loved their toys. Very early children’s toys were made of metal or wood and were heavy and clunky. Many toys were homemade including baby dolls. No matter what a toy was ever made of, one thing is for sure; kids just love(d) them!

Action figures, Legos, Tinker Toys, Fisher Price toys, toy cars including Match Box and Hot Wheels, playsets based on TV cartoons and comic book heroes, as well as children’s books are probably things most people remember from their childhood. Even if you didn’t have your own, you may have had a friend who did.

Chances are that when you “grew out” of your toys, they made their way to the garage sale or the thrift store. After all, there was always something newer and better coming out. Out with the old and in with the new!

Have you ever wondered what your old, vintage toys are worth?

If you or your parents had the presence of mind kept any of your old dolls, games or playsets, you may be in luck! Some of the old toys that are now considered vintage are worth more than you might think.

Vintage toys can be worth serious money now!

Childhood toys from years ago are worth much more than their original price. Well, at least people are willing to pay serious money. Websites like eBay are attracting collectors from all over the world. Collectors who are serious about their toys are paying top dollar.

Collecting vintage toys is very popular and a big business.

Some people are in search of that one special toy from their childhood for memorabilia, while others treat toy collecting as a hobby. There are also those people who have turned vintage toys into a highly profitable business.

Some people like to assign value to the top ten vintage toys. I say that that is an impossible task. Some people value vintage toys for their monetary worth, some for their charm and some for the nostalgia. That being said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Below are some of the valuable picks I came across.

Comic books have always been a widely collectible item!

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The most expensive comic book ever sold on eBay was Action Comics No. 1, which went for a cool $3.2 Billion. Why you ask? It was the very first comic that introduced the world to Superman.