Unsolved Mysteries of the 1970s That Will Give You Chills

By Sarah Norman | June 7, 2023

The Berwyn Mountain UFO incident may have been an earthquake

The 1970s were full of glorious parties at Studio 54 and post Vietnam celebrations, but it was also a decade full of chilling crimes that remain unsolved to this day. From gruesome murders to raucous heists and supernatural sightings, the mysteries chronicled here will leave you scratching your head and wondering exactly what happened in each of these stories.

Many of these stories are too upsetting for younger readers, so keep younger eyes shielded from the gruesome stuff. Keep in mind that many of these unsolved mysteries are cases that remain open, if you or someone you know can shine a light on these eerie crimes from the '70s don't be afraid to reach out... you could change everything.

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UFO incidents take on many shapes and sizes, and this incident that occurred on January 23, 1974, is a wild one. The Berwyn Mountains in Llandrillo, Merionethshire, Wales, was the site of loud noises, bright lights, and a possible UFO crash that was covered up by the British government. However, skeptics believe that the area simply suffered a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.

Later, declassified Ministry of Defence documents revealed that a meteor struck the area, only adding to theories about a possible UFO.

Did Sid Vicious kill Nancy Spungen?

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On October 12, 1978, Nancy Spungen went from being the notorious girlfriend of Sex Pistols bassists Sid Vicious to a victim of a horrific stabbing in New York City's Chelsea Hotel. Spungen was only 20 when she and Vicious were partying with members of the local punk scene. A deluge of drugs and alcohol makes it impossible to know exactly what happened on the night of her death, but while Vicious was pinned with the murder it's theorized that a local drug dealer stabbed Spungen in the abdomen before fleeing the scene and leaving Vicious to take the wrap. Vicious never served time for the murder. He passed away from a drug overdose not long after Spungen's death.