Unsettling Photos That Show A Darker Side Of Marilyn Monroe's Life


Monroe resting her head on a white fur coat while lying on a carpet in a red brocade evening gown and long black gloves, 1955

Marilyn Monroe has long been considered an American icon, known for her captivating beauty, her sultry performances, and her magnetic personality. However, beneath the surface of her glamorous image, there were deeply dark realities that were often kept hidden from the public eye. These eerie photos, taken throughout her career and personal life, capture a side of Marilyn that is rarely seen, revealing the struggles and pain she experienced behind the scenes.

From her tumultuous relationships to her battles with addiction and mental health, these photos offer a glimpse into a life that was marked by both triumph and tragedy. These eerie photos will make you to look at the iconic Monroe in a different way, and make you to question the idea of fame, beauty, and the price of it.

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After filming The Seven Year Itch, Monroe left Los Angeles for New York City where she set up her own production company and promptly filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox.

In 1954, Monroe's lawsuit alleged  that they had breached their contract with her by failing to provide her with the roles and opportunities that they had promised. Monroe also claimed that Fox had not paid her the full amount of bonuses owed to her from the box office of The Seven Year Itch. Aside from breaking things off with Fox, she also filed for divorce from DiMaggio before she started dating playwright Arthur Miller.