Unraveling The Truth: The Baffling UFO Sighting That Terrified New Mexico in the 1960s 

By Sarah Norman | December 18, 2023

Lonnie Zamora's UFO sighting occurred on April 24, 1964, near Socorro, New Mexico.

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Jonathan Rutland, ©1979 Warwick Press

In the late afternoon of April 24, 1964, Officer Lonnie Zamora found himself on a routine pursuit of a speeding vehicle south of Socorro, New Mexico. Little did he know that this would mark a pivotal moment in UFO history. 

Lonnie Zamora's UFO sighting on that fateful day in 1964 continues to captivate the imagination and fuel speculation about the nature of the object he witnessed. His story serves as a testament to the countless individuals who have had inexplicable encounters with the unknown, pushing the boundaries of our understanding and leaving us with more questions than answers. Zamora's encounter has become a significant case study in the annals of UFO research, reminding us of the enduring fascination and intrigue surrounding the unexplained phenomena that exist beyond the realms of our everyday lives.

Zamora was a credible and respected police officer with the City of Socorro Police Department when the incident took place.

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Zamora's reputation as a police officer added credibility to his account of the UFO sighting. He was known for his professionalism, integrity, and dedication to his job. Throughout his career, he had earned the respect of his colleagues and the community he served. This made his testimony all the more compelling, as he was not prone to fantasy or embellishment.

However, the incident took a toll on Zamora personally. The ridicule and teasing he faced from members of the police force and the local community weighed heavily on him. It is believed that the constant scrutiny and disbelief surrounding his UFO encounter contributed to his decision to retire just two years after the incident. The pressure and skepticism he endured likely played a role in shaping the trajectory of his life and career.

Zamora's retirement following the incident underscores the impact it had on him and the challenges he faced in reconciling his experience with the reactions of those around him. It serves as a reminder of the complexities and personal consequences that can arise from encounters with the unknown, especially in a world where such experiences are often met with skepticism and ridicule.

Despite the initial interest surrounding his UFO sighting, Lonnie Zamora eventually grew tired of the subject. He avoided both ufologists and the Air Force, choosing instead to focus on his daily life. He found work managing a gasoline station, distancing himself from the UFO community. Zamora passed away on November 2, 2009, in Socorro at the age of 76, leaving behind a legacy intertwined with the mystery of his otherworldly encounter.