Unknown Motley Crue Backstage Secrets 


Married in 1995, Lee and Anderson's tumultuous relationship often played out in the public eye

Often credited with originating the glam metal genre, an upbeat mix of pop, hard rock and heavy metal, Motley Crue burst onto the LA club scene in 1981. Cultivating a rocker persona of hard drinking, heavy drug use, indiscriminate sex, and generally outrageous behavior, they quickly took America by storm. Their fame was built on their notoriety, and Motley Crue did everything they could to deliberately fuel that notoriety. Within a few short years, they reached the height of their fame as international superstars, the ultimate personification of hardcore hair metal rock. 

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In 1998, Lee went to jail for six months for assaulting his estranged wife, Pamela Anderson. Motley Crue had to turn down several shows during this period due to Lee's legal situation, including Ozzfest. The band also had to deal with the bad publicity Lee's arrest had generated. When Lee got out, he released Greatest Hits with the band and went on tour with them, but he'd already decided to quit in jail. After each show, he'd go straight to his trailer and work on new material. In 1999, Lee officially quit Motley Crue, shocking fans the world over.