Unknown Facts About Motley Crue's Backstage Life


Just starting out in 1981, Motley Crue were the epitome of hardcore hair metal rock

In the 1980s, Motley Crue was the most explosive group of their era, bringing heavy metal and wild antics wherever they went. The band's style and sound set the tone for a generation, influencing everything from fashion to rock and roll attitudes. Often credited with originating the glam metal genre, an upbeat mix of pop, hard rock and heavy metal, the band was a fixture on the LA club scene in the early '80s.

Cultivating a rocker persona of hard drinking, heavy drug use, indiscriminate sex, and generally outrageous behavior, they quickly took America by storm. Their fame was built on their notoriety, and Motley Crue did everything they could to deliberately fuel that notoriety. Within a few short years, they reached the height of their fame as international superstars, the ultimate personification of hardcore hair metal rock.

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Their self-produced debut album, Too Fast for Love, sold just 20,000 copies, but the accompanying tour would catapult Motley Crue to international notoriety. The group quickly gained a reputation for hard partying and bad behavior, but it wasn't until years later that fans would discover the true story behind that first recording session in 1981. To begin with, the band turned up at the studio drunk and did their best to stay drunk for the entire three-day session. Lee also resorted to bartering sex for studio time with the sound engineer when they ran out of money halfway.