Rare Vintage Photos From The Groovy Era That Hold Unexpected Secrets

By Sarah Norman | May 3, 2023

Here's a Polaroid of Dolly Parton taken by Andy Warhol in 1985.

Take a trip down memory lane and explore the hidden reality of the '60s and '70s through a collection of raw and unedited photographs. These images reveal a side of the Groovy Era that many may not be familiar with, exposing a truth that goes beyond the usual depiction of peace, love, and effortless cool.

Join us as we uncover the untold stories behind these eye-popping photos and discover the lesser-known side of this iconic time in history. Keep reading to see the truth of the Grooviest Era.

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You don't really think about Dolly Parton as the kind of person who spent the '70s and '80s hanging out with the likes of Andy Warhol. She's a lot of bit country and he's, well he's Andy Warhol. They seem like they're from two separate worlds. Weirdly, one of the things that makes them so similar is their equal love of show business, after all, Warhol said that everyone in the world will get their 15 minutes of fame.

When Warhol took this photo of Parton he also conducted an interview with her that's as weird as you can imagine. Aside from talking to her about clothes (natch), Warhol asks Parton what she had for breakfast and if she keeps a diary. Parton plays along and has some incredibly sassy answers. On not keeping a diary:

I don’t have to. It seems like for the last 40 years my life has been lived in the press, so I can Google any date in my history and find out what I was doing.

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Stars have to do a lot of ridiculous things to promote their films, and that includes acting a fool for international audiences. While promoting the Star Wars films in 1980, Hamill had to be a really good sport when appeared on a German variety show where he wore gold unitard, sat on a big moon, and sang in German. It's uh... it's something.

Hamill spoke about the indignity of the performance in 2018, noting that he didn't think anyone would actually see it. He wrote:

I remember not wanting to wear a gold jumpsuit like a rejected member of ABBA or if I could memorize dialogue in a foreign language-but thought 'Who cares? No one outside of Germany will ever see this!' Thanks to the internet-NOTHING EVER GOES AWAY. Who knew?