Troll Dolls: From Wood Carvings To Bestselling Toys

By | November 20, 2021

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Christmas trolls. Source: (

Although most people tend to think of troll dolls as the rather colorful, somewhat creepy dolls which emerged in the 1960s, they are connected to Scandinavia mythology. The designer of the dolls, Thomas Dam, drew on the nature of the mythological beings, while exaggerating the features of the dolls so that they weren’t scary, but rather, some would say, adorable. 

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He started carving figurines. Source: (Goodluck Troll).

From A Baker To A Sculptor

After World War II, Thomas Dam lost his livelihood. He had been a baker in Gjøl, Denmark, until the local flour factory closed, which left him looking for a new livelihood. To make ends meet, he shoveled snow, and while he wasn’t working, in the early morning or late at night, he sat by the fire and pondered a plan. To help him think, he carved pieces of wood. These carvings were often of funny creatures which he created to amuse his children. His wife convinced him to sell the figurines, so he took as many as he could carry to Aalborg, the nearest city. He planned to sell them door to door. His sales were successful, as he managed to sell them all.