Top Jobs In The 1970s: Working 9 To 5

By | August 2, 2018

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Pictured: (l-r) Dena Dietrich as Wife, Doris Roberts as Waitress, James Coco as Husband in 'The Greasy Diner' -- (Photo by: Art Selby & Al Levine/Getty Images)

Although unemployment rose slightly in the 1970s over the previous two decades, companies still demanded skilled and responsible workers to keep the country humming along. The seventies was a unique time for jobs. The women’s lib movement was in full force, yet we still saw jobs divided by genders. The push for more workers’ rights, better working conditions, and better pay meant some industries were plagued by workers’ strikes in the 1970s. And the decade saw a shift from labor and services to technology-based jobs. Take a glimpse into the top jobs of the 1970s.

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Men’s Jobs and Women’s Jobs

The results of the women’s rights movement were not readily apparent in the top jobs for men and women in the 1970s. During this time, it seemed, women still gravitated to jobs that were traditionally ‘women’s jobs’ while men held the traditionally male jobs. For women in the seventies, the top jobs were secretaries, teachers, bookkeepers, waitresses and nurses. For men, that list included managers, truck drivers, production workers, carpenters and farmers. It was still an oddity to see a female truck driver, for instance, or a male nurse.