Tippi Hedren: Big Cat Lady, 'Birds' Star And Melanie Griffith's Mom, Then And Now

Left: Tippi Hedren in a publicity photo for 'The Birds.' Right: Hedren in the kitchen of her home in Acton, California in 1994. Tippi was on the phone as a tiger named Zoe jumped through the kitchen window. Sources: IMDB; Eddie Sanderson/Getty Images

With The Birds (1963) and Marnie (1964), Tippi Hedren succeeded as a model-turned-actress and an Alfred Hitchcock muse. But her days as a movie idol were short -- after her second Hitchcock film, she retreated from the spotlight, and though she came back to acting, she never again starred in a major Hollywood movie.

Hedren, now in her 90s, has lived a full and colorful life, and her acting career lived on, in a way, with the success of her daughter Melanie Griffith and granddaughter Dakota Johnson. Hedren's greatest passion has been animals, specifically big cats, with which she has lived for years -- though she no longer lets them in the house as she did when Melanie was a kid.