Tina Louise - So Much More Than Just a Pretty Face!

Entertainment | November 7, 2017

Written by Rebeka Knott

We all remember Tina Louise as ‘Ginger Grant’ on “Gilligan’s Island”, but do you really know what she did before or after the sitcom?

After high school she went to acting school and did modeling jobs to pay the bills. She was billed as “Hollywood’s Fastest Rising Star” with Jayne Mansfield in Frederick’s Catalog. Her Hollywood debut was in “God’s Little Acre” in 1958.

Before “Gilligan's Island”, Bob Denver and Louise co-starred in a summer surf film, “For Those Who Think Young”. In 1964 she was in a Broadway musical “Fade Out--Fade In” with Carol Burnett. She also had a role in “The Real McCoys”.

She was in the original 1975 version of “The Stepford Wives” and had a role in Brad Pitt’s first headlining film by David Lynch called “Johnny Suede” that also starred Samuel Jackson.

The multi-talented actress has been in theater, European film, a jazz singer, writer, model, along with guest roles on a few TV hit series. 

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