The Wild Behind The Scenes Stories Of Beverly Hills Cop 2

Left to right: American actors Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold and John Ashton on the set of 'Beverly Hills Cop II.' Getty Images

In 1987, the return of Eddie Murphy in “Beverly Hills Cop 2” prompted widespread anticipation despite debuting to mediocre reviews. Roger Ebert who gave it just one-star wrote, “Eddie Murphy is not likable in this movie. He comes across as a loud, arrogant boor; a little of him goes a long way.” However, the people begged to differ as “Beverly Hills Cop 2” took home the biggest opening weekend on the way to becoming that year’s highest-grossing film.

As it turns out, everyone just wanted Axel Foley back in their lives. BHC 2 delivers a healthy portion of Eddie being Eddie with a side of delightful complimentary characters. Brigitte Nielsen, Gilbert Godfried, and a budding Chris Rock add even more charisma to a film series overflowing with it. Incredibly, some of the off-screen gossip titillates as much as the movie. Read on to learn the juicy details of “Beverly Hills Cop 2”.

"Hef! Hugh Hefner! Axel Foley! l feel like I know you already cause l put your magazine up... Forget it." Screenrant

“Yo Man, We Gotta Talk, Seriously. Who Do You Think You Are, Clint Eastwood? Dirty Rosewood?”

From ‘82 to ‘88 Murphy reigned over the comedy box office. During that period just about every movie he made, regardless of script or supporting cast, printed money. His powers of improvisation instantly made magic of middling screenplays and BCH 2 put that talent on full display. The late comedian Gilbert Godfried admitted he and Murphy improvised their entire iconic argument relating to his character’s parking tickets. “Oh, come right in. Don't let the fact that my door's closed dissuade you in any way from entering my office.”

Eddie also used his star power to give other up and coming newbies a chance in the spotlight. Chris Rock, who also appeared in his first comedy special produced by Murphy, gets off one memorable line outside the Playboy Mansion. “Yo, what the f*** is up, man? Check this out. I get ten dollars for cars, I get twenty dollars for limos! What the hell is this?” It also just so happened that it was the first time anyone ever filmed at Hugh Hefner’s famous haunt.

Danish actress Brigitte Nielsen and American actor Eddie Murphy on the set of “Beverly Hills Cop II.” Getty Images

“Are You Driving With Your Eyes Open? Or You Like Using "The Force"?

The cast of “Beverly Hills Cop 2” put together some outsized personalities which predictably ended in some wild behind the scene stories. Undoubtedly, the lurid intersections between acclaimed director Tony Scott, Brigitte Nielsen, and unfortunate bystander Sylvester Stallone takes the lead.

At the time Stallone, who was coincidentally the first choice for the original “Beverly Hills Cop'', was married to Nielsen. Apparently, during filming, the “spirited” 6-foot Danish actress/model and Scott engaged in an illicit affair. To make matters worse, the movie makes repeated references to iconic Stallone characters!

Stallone References

During the penultimate battle scene, Detective Taggert says, “F$%K Rambo” after Detective Rosewood shoots a truck with a rocket launcher. Earlier in the film, repeated shots of Rosewood’s apartment display a poster of Stallone’s 1986 action film “Cobra.” Ironically, “Cobra” was the film Stallone pitched as his version of “Beverly Hills Cop”! Stallone even kept the first name Axel for his “Cobra” protagonist and changed Foley to Cobretti.

Perhaps Stallone, passing on the original BHC, informed those veiled references. Although, it remains a mystery if those innuendos were credited to Scott or famed producer Don Simpson, who supposedly had some Rambo in him. The scene where Rosewood reveals his trunk full of guns was based on Simpson who showed off his arsenal to actor Judge Reinhold.